The Power and Performance of the Jaguar E-Pace

The name Jaguar has always been synonymous with power and prestige, which is why the E-Pace is a popular SUV option. The independent, multi-link rear suspension is engineered to ensure a smooth stable ride while you have optimal traction between the wheels and the road regardless of conditions. The all-wheel-drive technology also contributes to traction performance between all four tires. The surface control technology provides vehicle maneuvering stability whether on gravel or wet roads.

The uniquely designed Ingenium engines that come standard in the E-Pace feature durable cylinder blocks and balanced shifters to reduce noise and vibration. They are also equipped with start/stop technology and features that enable the vehicle to recharge each time the brakes are applied. The E-Pace has a number of other performance features and amenity options. Explore the possibilities by visiting our Jaguar Morris County showroom.

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