Tire Cleaning Tips

When people wash their car their often forget about cleaning their tires, or they just don't think it is important to do so. In fact, not only will cleaning your tires help keep them looking nice at all times, but it will also help protect the quality of your tires. Here's some helpful hints you can use to clean your tires:

  • Use a soap that is designed for tires. The car soap you use on the rest of your vehicle is made for the paint that is used on a vehicle. Tires are made of rubber and require a different cleanser.
  • You may want to apply the cleaner and then let it sit. This will help to gently break down any dirt that is caked up on your tires without having to put much elbow grease into the job.
  • Completely dry your tires with dedicated towels when you are done.

Talk to our service center today for more tire maintenance tips.

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