When Should You Schedule a Brake Fluid Change?

As a preventative measure against brake failure, it's a good rule of thumb to schedule a change in brake fluid at least once every two years. The brake fluid contained in the master brake cylinder reservoir is designed to operate under high temperatures as well as high pressure to help slow or stop wheel movement as you apply your brakes.

The service team at Jaguar Morris County in Madison, NJ are experts at checking under your hood to determine if your brake fluid is at the full line and just how contaminated the fluid has become due to moisture exposure after thousands of miles of driving.

Water contamination in the brake fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid, can cause unexpected brake failure, putting you at risk of an accident on the road. As part of your overall maintenance program for your vehicle, don't forget the importance of having our technicians flush your brake fluid. Schedule your next brake service appointment today.

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