Every vehicle needs routine maintenance to stay in good condition. It's something drivers should always factor into the total cost of buying a new car. For example, when you buy a luxury car or SUV, you're not just buying how it looks and performs today, but you also want it to hold up for a long time.

Many manufacturers and dealerships offer complimentary maintenance plans for luxury vehicles. So, how much can you save on maintenance?

Jaguar Parsippany finds out. We put together this complimentary maintenance and brand comparison, so drivers in Morristown, and Parsippany, can see what's covered.

Complimentary Maintenance by Brand

How much was your last service bill? It can vary based on what kind of car you drive. We looked at the manufacturers of some of the most popular luxury cars and SUVs on the road today to find out what's how their complimentary maintenance plans can help you save.


  • Length & Time: 5 years/60,000 miles for 2018 models and no limit on the number of recommended maintenance visits
  • Cover Wear & Tear: Yes
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: Yes


  • Length & Time: 1 year/10,000 miles for 2018 models
  • Cover Wear & Tear: Yes
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: No


  • Length & Time: 3 years/36,000 miles for 2018 models
  • Cover Wear & Tear: No
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: No


  • Length & Time: INFINITI doesn't offer complimentary maintenance. There are several prepaid maintenance plans that you can choose to purchase with your warranty
  • Cover Wear & Tear: Yes
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: Yes, the prepaid plans are transferable


  • Length & Time: Mercedes-Benz offers several maintenance plans and warranties; however, none of them are complimentary. Each one is available only as a prepaid plan.
  • Cover Wear Items: Yes
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: No


  • Length & Time: 1 year/10,000 miles and up to two maintenance appointments for 2018 models
  • Cover Wear Items: Yes
  • Transferrable to Subsequent Owners: Yes; however, there is a $50 transfer fee

As you can see, Jaguar offers complimentary maintenance for a longer period of time and more miles than any of its luxury brand competitors. Plus, it gives you the courtesy of covering basic wear and tear as well as the convenience of being able to transfer coverage to the next owner.

Learn More About Jaguar Complimentary Maintenance

To learn more about how complimentary maintenance plans can vary and affect the total cost of ownership, visit Jaguar Parsippany. We're committed to providing drivers in Newark and Manhattan with clear-cut information on purchasing your next luxury vehicle and helping you save on your maintenance costs.

If you decide you want to drive home in a Jaguar, you can trust that our service center will take care of your vehicle. We have a team of certified Jaguar technicians who only use genuine OEM parts and accessories. It's our way of making sure you save on getting the best performance out of your vehicle for years to come.

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