Why is Tire Service Important?

Having the right tires is just as important as hitting the road with the right oil. They're essential to your drive, especially when you need to stop on a dime or deal with slick roads. Like every other part, tires need service from time to time. If you need Jaguar tire service near Parsippany, Morristown, or Newark, NJ, visit the service center at Jaguar Parsippany.

Types of Tire Service

Tire service can range from routine maintenance to repairs to replacing all four wheels. To take care of that wide range of tire services, our service center features a certified team of technicians. They're factory-trained to take good care of your luxury sedan or SUV.

Our experienced team helps your car perform at a high level and gives you some peace of mind. To make sure you can take tight turns, maintain traction, and stop safely, some of the tire services they perform includes: 

  • Inspect Air Pressure & Tread
  • Rotate Tires
  • Patch Holes & Leaks
  • Replace Worn or Damaged Tires With New Ones

 Why Tire Maintenance is Necessary

Every part of your vehicles experiences wear and tear over time. Tires are especially susceptible to wearing down because they're quite literally where the rubber meets the road. Every time you go around a curve or step on the brakes, the tire tread begins to wear down. Plus, your tire pressure can be affected by everything from objects in the road to the changing of the seasons. Having your tires inspected on a regular basis is the key to making sure you can stop and steer.

 When to Get Tire Service

While your maintenance schedule has specific recommendations for things like oil changes, tires are a bit more subjective. That's because it depends on your air pressure, how you drive, and how the tires look. If the tread has worn down, you've got a leak, or the sidewall appears to be bulging or tearing, you'll need a new set of tires. Fortunately, technicians will inspect all that for you every time you come in for your regular maintenance appointments. 

Tire Service Warning Signs

Our service technicians will inspect every area of your tires when you stop by, but what about if you're not due for service for a while? How can you tell that your tires need service? Luckily, there are a few warning signs you can look for. Schedule an appointment if you notice any of the following:

  • Smooth, Worn Down Tread - New tires have high tread that feels like it can grip the road. If your tread is smooth and worn down, you won't get a whole lot of traction when you drive.               
  • Bulging/Tearing Sidewall - Any sort of damage is a sign that you should get new tires. When it comes to damaged sidewalls, you may be overloading your vehicle, or it may be low on air.                 
  • Uneven Tread - If some of your tire looks to have good tread, while other areas look worn down, you're probably overdue for a tire rotation.              
  • Vibrating Steering Wheel or Seat - Sometimes, you'll even be able to feel uneven tread in the way the tires hit the road. This can feel like your seat or steering wheel is vibrating while you drive.           
  • TPMS Light - The Tire Pressure Monitoring System measures the air pressure for all your tires. It looks like a wheel hitting the road and comes on if your air pressure is low. 


Schedule Tire Service

If it looks like you need Jaguar tire service, schedule an appointment with Jaguar Parsippany. Our technicians are proud to provide reliable tires and maintenance to drivers in Parsippany, Morristown, and Newark, NJ. Contact us if you have any questions about your tires or visit our service center. 

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